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Just a few pictures from various games I played,
merely used on some forums and websites.

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My humble collection of poetry,
actually it's about love.

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Web Proxy

A highspeed tool to navigate everywhere and anonymously bypassing firewall and proxy.

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Problem Based Learning. It'll blow ur mind.

Basically the PBL focuses on active student learning in which we learn about a subject through the experience of problem solving. Students learn both thinking strategies and domain knowledge.The goals of PBL are to help us develop flexible knowledge, effective problem solving skills, self-directed learning, effective collaboration skills and intrinsic motivation.From a problem or a real situation made ​​in practice β€” we call it PROSIT, the student must use the knowledge he has learned previously, then the PROSIT is used to support the learning of a new material.A major strength of the PBL system is to allow adaptation to a rapidly changing business reality. This adaptation requires communication skills, teamwork, critical thinking, logical and analytical approach to decision-making and self-evaluation.The PBL system is a progressive development of autonomy, we play an active role in our learning.

Skills. See for yourself.

Well you may guess I've learn some markup and style sheet languages like HTML, XML and CSS but I also learn a few programming ones like C#, VB.NET, C, ASP.NET, PHP, PL/SQL, JS (oh gosh!) and even a not-so-well-known language named Java.But in my opinion frameworks are so much exciting : .NET (including Entity Framework and WCF) or Java EE (including Hibernate) and JQuery.Concerning the operating systems I both used GNU/Linux and Microsoft Windows, and even BSD.I manage databases like Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, and Web servers like Apache, Nginx, to provide theses datas. But what I do have are a very particular set of skills, skills I have acquired over a not yet very long career. Skills that make me do LaTeX, NSIS, XSLT, Maven, Ant, Hudson, Sonar and, in my lazy days, Crystal Reports.

Experience. Checkmate.

I gain experience during my 18-months-along training periodes in some renowned software and computing services companies like GFI, AtoS and Worldline. Moreover I participate as developer in a few opensource projects and I was a volunteer server administrator.